Lyndon Rescue Inc., formally Lyndon State Rescue Squad, was founded in 1972 and became a full time ambulance service in 1996. We are located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with one station in Lyndonville and the other in Brighton. Lyndon Rescue has four ambulances, seven full time members, and over two dozen part time members. In 2009 Lyndon Rescue was named the Vermont Ambulance Service of the Year.

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 Here’s some tips if you ever have to call 911:

-If reporting a highway accident, it is most helpful to:

-identify the Route #

-town and state

-which side of road or lane (N-S-E-W, or middle)

-closest mile marker

-number of vehicles or persons involved, if known

-Key information about a medical problem includes:

-the age of the patient

-critical info about the condition (i.e. fall, pain, responsiveness)

-relevant medical history

-your exact location (address or closest landmark)

-Next to your phone, post your exact 911 address for children or visitors who may be calling 911.

-Always remain on the line until the 911 operator tells you to hang up. If you are calling with a medical emergency, the 911 operator may give you instructions on what to do before the EMTs arrive.

-Some folks are hesitant to call 911 because they are unsure whether or not they are having a “true” emergency, or perhaps they don’t wish to “be a bother”, or to alarm the neighbors with the sound of sirens. Don’t hesitate to call when you feel that you or someone you witness needs help.