Business Subscription Program

trucks at stationAs a small business, Lyndon Rescue is well aware that keeping good employees requires competitive wages and above average benefits. With the cost of benefits rising annually, many employers are faced with making the painful decision to either reduce or drop their benefit programs. With the Lyndon Rescue Subscription Program for Businesses, your employees will have the security of knowing that out-of-pocket expenses for up to 3 medically necessary ambulance transports originating from your place of business of job site in the Lyndon Rescue coverage area are covered.

Any “enrolled” employee of your company requiring ambulance transport to a hospital is covered. An enrolled employee is defined as any full or part time employee of your business who is covered by a health insurance plan.  You will provide Lyndon Rescue with a roster of your employees so when a claim is filed we will compare the patient’s name against that roster.

The cost is $70 per year for up to 10 employees. For each additional 10 employees, the cost is an additional $30 annually. The coverage period runs from January 1 to December 31.

To get an application email or call 802.427.1886.