911 Signs

911 signs



Can Emergency Crews easily locate your residence day or night? A reflective sign may mean the difference between a timely response or an unnecessary delay.


Contact us for ordering information.

Cost: $15 (Checks payable to Lyndon Rescue)


Installation instructions:


•Locate your 911 address sign so it is visible from your side of the road and in your yard

•Mount it above the snow line in winter and plants or weeds in summer

•Check that it is visible from both directions

•Trim branches or bushes which may obstruct it



•Locate it in the path of a snow plow, bicyclists or truckers

•Mount it on your mailbox if it is grouped with other mailboxes

•Locate it so high that it is out of site

•Locate it in a position where it is hidden by grass, weeds, bushes, etc

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