Ambulance Billing Services

Over these past 40 years, we have become quite well versed in the art of ambulance service billing. Dealing with insurance companies, insurance claims, Medicare and Medicaid is an ever-changing process not for the faint of heart or those easily (or not-so-easily) frustrated.

Effective ambulance billing requires up to the minute training and flexibility as well as knowledge of current and pending rules and legislation. We learned long ago that we need to keep our billing staff well trained and knowledgeable. In fact, our billing staff is certified by the NAAC as certified ambulance coders. In order to obtain certification at this level, one must successfully complete an intensive training course plus additional annual continuing education. CAC-registered small

We know it is virtually impossible for many services to keep abreast of all the ambulance billing rules, regulations, and changes which occur seemingly daily. Additionally, we know how tight budgets are and there is little “extra cash” floating around. With that said, Lyndon Rescue has developed a low cost, intensive billing program which encompasses a strong commitment to compassion, ethics, integrity, and compliance.91

Why not give us a call at your earliest convenience and arrange for a no obligation consultation. See how Lyndon Rescue can tailor a custom, affordable billing program which will meet the needs of your service.

For information on the National Academy of Ambulance Coding please visit